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After-Hour Calls

If you need medical advice at times when the office is closed, please call the Exchange at (314) 362-0712. You will not be charged. One of the phone triage nurses or a doctor will return your call.

If you have not heard back within 45 minutes, please call the exchange again - the page may not have been received. Even though a nurse may answer your call, one of the doctors is always on call and backing up the nurse.

We anticipate urgent calls and do not mind them, but please reserve non-urgent calls for office hours. When you are waiting for a return phone call, please have your answering machine off and stay off the phone unless absolutely necessary. Please have the phone number of a pharmacy (which is currently open) ready in case a prescription is necessary. Remember: pharmacies often have altered schedules on weekends.

Your child may need to go to the hospital emergency room or possibly be admitted. You should be prepared for such a possibility when you call. Be familar with your child's health insurance information and rules. Many of them require that you call the doctor before going to the emergency room (unless the situation is emergent). Also some plans may limit hospital choices: St. Louis Children's Hospital and Missouri Baptist are off-limits for Blue Choice, for example.

Town & Country Pediatrics doctors are on staff at Missouri Baptist, and St. Louis Children's Hospital. During the evenings and weekends we can refer you to the Cares Unit at St. Louis Children's Hospital or Missouri Baptist. By calling ahead, we can minimize your waiting time.

Please help us keep costs down by reserving non-urgent phone calls until office hours. For non-urgent questions after hours, please call 314-454-KIDS.