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New Baby Information

When babies are born the personnel in the hospital will perform such routines as monitoring the baby, administering tests and medications, and giving feeding advice. Babies typically are given antibiotic ointment for the eyes and a Vitamin K shot just after birth. A blood sugar level is obtained within an hour in some hospitals. The State of Missouri requires screening tests (including “PKU”, and about 30 other tests). These tests will be drawn before the baby is discharged but sometimes have to be repeated later. Some babies may require other tests such as blood types, blood counts, and screens for jaundice or infection. Hospitals proved a hearing test for your baby. Babies should receive a vaccination for Hepatitis B in the nursery.

We recommend that new mothers receive the Tdap booster while in the hospital if not done already. Protecting mom helps protect the baby from catching whooping cough.

During your baby’s hospital stay a Town & Country Pediatrics doctor or associate will examine your newborn daily. The doctor will visit you in your room to discuss your baby’s status and may examine the baby in your room if you prefer. In the event that your newborn is ill or having problems, our doctors will work with the hospital staff to make sure your baby’s care is optimal. Some premature or sick babies may need to be transferred to another hospital for intensive care.

The first office visit after a baby is discharged from the hospital is usually scheduled within a few days. Sometimes we will want to see the baby early if there is a problem with jaundice or feeding difficulties. We try to schedule newborns during times when the office is less busy or put them in rooms reserved for well babies.